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My superstar lab student team. They are all future data leaders!



Hi all. I am Tejesh Chandra Bhaumik and am currently a sophomore in CS + Advertising at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. My career interests lie in avenues such as computational advertising/marketing, full-stack engineering, fintech, and video game development. I have taken several computer sciences courses at university along with some external courses such as Harvard’s CS50 series. I can code proficiently in C++, JAVA, and Python. I have also coded several personal projects and had taken part in HackIllinois in my freshman year, where my team was responsible for making an open-source attendance management system. My research interests lie in ML/AI, data analysis, and implementing it in advertising/marketing and financial analysis.


My name is Eva Hu. I am a Senior undergraduate majoring in Econometrics and Statistics. I plan to pursue a master’s degree in Data Science. I am especially interested in computational social science topics and will focus on machine learning text mining in my future study. I was a software developer for University Moodle System, an IGL (Illinois Geometry Lab) Scholar in the project “Alexa, Make my Home Smart and Frugal”, and the finalist for the 2020 Illini Datathon. I am now also a data analyst for the project “Tailored Information for Low-Income Job Seekers” (under Economics Department). I have programming experience in Python, R, Java, JavaScript, SQL, C++, and AWS Service. I am proficient in both English and Mandarin.


I am a senior at the University majoring in Advertising with a focus on psychological theory. I aim to apply theory to Big Data sets and learn to creature computational models that objectively measure digitally subjective phenomena. I am pursuing higher education in hopes of finding a program that can blend social science and programming. I appreciate the power of Advertising and Media in its influence on molding and shaping society. I hope to follow an academic path of computational advertising and walk away with the knowledge to help non-commercial causes.


My name is Jiaqi Lou, a student at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and Zhejiang University. I am a junior and my major is Electrical Engineering. I take many computer science courses to combine my major with advanced computer techniques. I am good at C/C++, Python, and Java programming. I have taken some courses in machine learning and data science in UIUC and NUS. Combining machine learning with marketing and recommendation system or combining with signal programming interest me a lot.


My name is Tianqi Qian, a student at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. I used to study at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University during 2018-2019 and started my experience here in 2019 until now. My major is mathematics, and at the same time, I have taken a lot of computer science courses trying to take a dual major. I am familiar with programming languages such as Java, C ++, Python, etc., and have an in-depth knowledge of linear algebra and other mathematical fields.  Research fields like machine learning and data structure attar me most.


Greetings! My name is Andy (Feiyu) Wong, and I am a Sophomore majoring in Computer Science and pursuing a minor in Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am very interested in the application of data science in solving real-world problems ranging from social science to finance. I have piloted a project in collaboration with the Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research at the Arizona State University analyzing social media data in the communication of human traffickers using machine learning. Under the mentorship of Professor Yun and the help of Professor Leiby and Cinconte at the Gies College of Business, I have produced a functional pipeline in analyzing 10-K forms from companies for legal information and made some notable findings. I have extensive experience with Python, C++, Java, and I am familiar with general concepts/fields including data analytics and machine learning.




My name is Yuqing Xu. I am a junior in statistics and mathematics major, and computer science minor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I am very interested in the field of data science and machine learning and might pursue the related fields as my future career. I also have taken some computer courses at the university so that I can code in python, C++, Java, R, and SAS. My group was in the finalist of the 2020 UIUC Datathon. The research area I am interested in is machine learning and data analysis.

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